Friday, June 28, 2013

A Little Bit About Me...

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Natasha Ashby and I am from Pocatello, Idaho. I am eighteen years old and a student at Brigham Young University- Idaho. I plan on majoring somewhere in the Medical Field either as a Pediatrician, Physician Assistant, or a Nurse. I have been working for Vector/Cutco since June 2013 and love it!

Everyone has goals, whether they realize it or not. Vector/Cutco has helped me realize mine.

I'm currently reaching many goals of which can be discussed upon appointments, but my long term goals are saving for an LDS Mission, My College Education, and Medical School or Nursing School of whichever I choose (I'm a little indecisive on that part). 

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Who am I through Vector?

What I’m Gaining from Vector:
Leadership Skills
Getting out of my Comfort Zone
Organization Skills
Communication Skills

A Few of My Favorite Things:
Playing and Listening to Music
Nutella and Crackers
Sound of the Cello
Smell of Sagebrush in the Rain
Favorite movies are Sabrina and While you were Sleeping
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
San Diego Temple
The Mountains (specifically Teton)
Movie Nights
Working in the Sun
My Family

My Favorite Sound is the Cello
I've played the piano since the age of ten and just recently picked up the guitar and love them both!!

Of all the places I've been, my two favorite have been Washington D.C. and New York City (with the exception of Disneyland).

One Day... I will be good at bowling, I just know it!
My two favorite places to be... the temple and the mountains...